Summaries Solving Linear Differential Equations By Operator

Solving Linear Differential Equations by Operator Factorization
Urdaletova, Anarkul B. and Syrgak Kydyraliev
College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 199-203, 1996.

The authors present a method for solving the differential equation

y(n) + a1y(n-1) + … + an-1y' + any = f(x),

where a1, …, an are constant. Their method can also be applied to solve certain equations that can be reduced to linear equations with constant coefficients by a change of variables. Finally, the authors show how second order equations with variable coefficients can be modified to find the general solution of

y'' + a1y' + a2y = f(x)

from a single solution of

y'' + a1y' + a2y = 0.

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