MicroCalc Version 6

MicroCalc Version 6

Author(s): L. Carl Leinback

The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 18, No.3 (May, 1987), pp. 242–247.

Published by: Mathematical Association of America http://www.jstor.org/stable/2686491

Tags: Software for differential equations and dynamical systems

Abstract: This is a review over the software MicroCalc's version 6 for MS/DOS. There is talk about the additions of the award-winning program and emphaziazes on how none of the good has been removed. This software is good for graphing multiple kinds of functions onto a plane for the user to see. It is noted that even with this review in black and white the program does use colors to help distinguish and show what is happening in the graph. This program can also use various methods to find the volume of the function and display what those methods would look like on the graph. While it is praised in this review he does mention what could have been added to make it better that he would have preferred. There is also a review over the limited Laplace's equation and the updates to Riemann Sum program. Overall he seems to think the best upgrade to the program was the use of colors and user friendly interface. The program before this update was still a very useful program, however this update contains a lot of very useful content that can aid you in the display of high-level functions. Ryan Jaska, Stephen F. Austin Univerisity, May 3, 2017.

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