A New Look At The Airy Equation With Fences And Funnels

A New Look at the Airy Equation with Fences and Funnels.
Authors: Hubbard, John H., McDill, Jean Marie, Noonburg, Anne, and West, Beverly
College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 419-431, 1994.

Summary: "Airy's equation x'' + xt =0 has solutions that traditionally are found just as infinite series, giving no good information on the behavior of solutions as t approaches infinity, or minus infinity. Guided by pictures of the solutions, we can (rigorously) answer these questions, without any analytic solving."

Also in Organic mathematics (Burnaby, BC), 1995, 277-303 CMS Conf Proc, 20, Amer Math Soc, Providence, RI, 1997

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